Resistance heating element, fixing device, and image forming apparatus



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a resistance heating element that suppresses excessive local heat generation, a fixing device, and an image forming apparatus.SOLUTION: A resistance heating element 640 includes an energization part 641 that generates heat by energization, and a protective layer 642 that covers the energization part 641. The energization part 641 includes a plurality of linear parts 6411 that extend in a width direction of the protective layer 642 and are arranged in a longitudinal direction of the protective layer 642, connection parts 6413 that each connect adjacent one end parts 6412 of the linear parts 6411, and dividing parts 6410 that each are formed inside each of the linear parts 6411 and connection parts 6413 along a direction in which the connection parts extend so as to divide the flow of electrons during energization.
【課題】局所的な過度の発熱を抑えた抵抗発熱体、定着装置および画像形成装置を提供する。 【解決手段】抵抗発熱体640は、通電によって発熱する通電部641と、通電部641を覆う保護層642とを備え、通電部641が、保護層642の幅方向に延び、その長手方向に配列される複数の線状部6411と、隣接する各線状部6411の一方の端部6412同士を接続する接続部6413と、各線状部6411および接続部6413の内部であって接続部が延びる方向に沿って形成され、通電時に電子の流れを分割させる分割部6410とを有している。 【選択図】図4




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