Drain plug device for bathtub



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To allow an operation part of a remote control type drain plug to be installed at a position lower than the overflow surface of a bathtub without causing water leakage from the end of a release wire on the side of an operation part of a protection tube.SOLUTION: A drain plug device for the bathtub includes a drain plug 10 for opening/closing a drain port 310 of the bathtub, an operation part 20 for remote-controlling the drain plug 10 to be opened/closed, a release wire 30 for transmitting the operation of the operation part 20 to the drain plug 10, and a protection tube 40 linked to a drain pipe connected to the lower part of the drain port 310, and having a cavity part inside through which the release wire 30 is inserted. The operation part 20 is arranged at a position lower than the overflow surface of the bathtub, and a water cutoff member 53 is provided at the end of the protection tube 40 on the opposite side to the drain pipe so that the release wire 30 can be inserted therethrough to cut off water flowing from the drain pipe into the protection tube 40.
【課題】レリーズワイヤの保護チューブの操作部側の端部から水漏れすることなく、遠隔操作式排水栓の操作部を浴槽の溢れ面よりも低い位置に設置可能にする。 【解決手段】浴槽の排水口310を開閉する排水栓10と、排水栓10の開閉を遠隔操作する操作部20と、操作部20の動作を排水栓10に伝達するレリーズワイヤ30と、排水口310の下部に接続した排水管に連接されて、内部にレリーズワイヤ30が挿通する空洞部を有する保護チューブ40と、を備え、操作部20を、浴槽の溢れ面よりも低い位置に配設し、保護チューブ40の排水管と反対側の端部に、レリーズワイヤ30が挿通可能であって排水管から保護チューブ40に流れ込んだ水を止水する止水部材53を設ける。 【選択図】図4




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