Method of manufacturing different-diameter tubular component, and molding metal mold



【課題】生産性が良く、製造コストが低く、然も製品寸法精度に優れた異径管状部品の製造方法を提供する。 【解決手段】金属板のブランクをプレス成形して小径部、大径部および小径部と大径部の間の径変化部で構成される異径管状部品1の製造方法であって、ブランクをU字成形金型にてプレス成形してU字成形品となし、これをO字成形金型にてプレス成形して円断面成形品となす工程を有する。U字成形金型には、U字成形品の縦壁部長よりも長い縦壁長をもたせた金型を用い、O字成形金型には、金型合わせラインを下斜め方向にとり、ブランクの板厚tと小径部、大径部に対応する金型部分の直径Dとの比であるt/Dが0.010≦t/D≦0.080である金型を用い、周方向の圧縮ひずみ=(管周方向になる板幅方向のブランク幅−金型の周長)/金型の周長×100(%)で示される周方向の圧縮ひずみが0.5%以上であることとした。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method of manufacturing a different-diameter tubular component which is good in productivity, low-cost, and superior in product size precision.SOLUTION: There is provided a method of manufacturing a different-diameter tubular component 1 comprising a small-diameter part, large-diameter part, and a diameter variation part between the small-diameter part and large-diameter part by pressing a blank of a metal plate, the method including a process of pressing the blank into a U-shaped molding with a U-shape molding metal mold, and then pressing it into a circularly-sectioned molding with an O-shape molding metal mold. A metal mold which has a vertical wall length longer than a vertical wall part length of the U-shaped molding is used as the U-shape molding metal mold, and a metal mold which has a metal mold mating line in a downward oblique direction and satisfies 0.010≤t/D≤0.080 for the ratio t/D of a plate thickness (t) of the blank and a diameter D of a metal mold part corresponding to the small-diameter part and large-diameter part is used as the O-shape molding metal mold, compressive strain in a peripheral direction represented as compressive strain in the peripheral direction=(blank width in the plate width direction as tube peripheral direction - peripheral length of metal mold)/peripheral length of metal mold×100 (%)) being 0.5% or larger.




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