Cutter grinding table



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a cutter grinding table which is disposed above a water tank of a sink and to be used by placing a grindstone on the top surface of the cutter grinding table, while draining grinding water.SOLUTION: Base materials formed of rectangular plane materials which are long enough to be disposed at ends in a back and forth direction of the water tank of a sink, and drainage grooves for preventing the dirty grinding water from dripping on the base materials, are formed across both side faces in a short-length direction of the cutter grinding table, thereby enabling cutters to be easily ground without soiling a grinding place.
【課題】流し台の水槽の上方に架設した刃物研ぎ台の上面に砥石を載置して使用する刃物研ぎ台において、研ぎ水を逃がす。 【解決手段】流し台の水槽の前後方向の端部に架設することができる長さの角型平材からなる基材と、前記基材に汚れた研ぎ水が床に落ちないようにする研ぎ水を逃がす溝を刃物研ぎ台の短手方向の両側面に跨って設けることにより、研ぎ場を汚すことなく手軽に刃物を研ぐことができる。 【選択図】図1




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